It all starts with user-onboarding

Mera Cashier is a very simple mobile application that helps the user to digitize the manual entries in registers, that are extensively used to track credit/ udhar given in the current market. Mera Cashier has features like recording transactions, sms alerts, setting credit/ udhar block limits at customer level and reporting features.
The app has been designed considering small & medium merchants in Tier 2 and Tier 3 segments, resulting in digital transformation for shopkeepers and kiranas across India.
  • 1. As our users are very new to smartphones, they are less aware about the user registration and OTP verification. We have seen up to 20% user dropping at the registration page itself
  • 2. SMS delivery has always been a challenge in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities.
  • 3. Manual OTP verification requires SMS permissions which is also a concern for business users.
Solution Although, initially we had mixed thoughts about implementing user verification via Truecaller SDK on our app but that's when we got in touch with their team and got to know about their scale in India. Having 150+ million active users in India, we got quite excited about trying the SDK and exploring if this could solve our challenges in hand.
Since the day we have integrated Truecaller SDK, we have seen 55-65% of user onboarding happens via Truecaller login solution. Also, the percentage of successful registered users has increased by upto 30%. We have been able to provide a more seamless verification method to our users coming on the app.
Mera cashier being a very simple to use accounting application, we have been able to cut down all the hurdles related to user verification and associated costs. It also allows our users to start exploring the app as soon as they arrive on the application after downloading.
With our 6 months journey so far with Truecaller, we have seen great support from Truecaller SDK team for integration and helping us review our test builds.
In the next phase, we are already in the process of implementing Truecaller's latest version of SDK which helps you to verify non-Truecaller users as well via drop call. We are sure this would further help us in eliminating frictions from our current user verification method and further drive down verification costs.