Mera Cashier– 'Digital Khata App'App signs a Strategic Partnership with Cilfi — 'Your Personal HR Assistant"

Team Mera Cashier is happy to announce the partnership with Cilfi. Both the startups are working to support and empower millions of MSME and Retailers of India so this partnership will bring two much required solutions together.
MeraCashier is focused towards serving MSME and Retailers segment, with 60 million such businesses registered in India itself. Mera Cashier is afintech app helping shopkeepers, retailers and distributors go digital with their customers and suppliers balance/ advance management. MeraCashier is also innovatingwith more and more customer focused features, hence having an edge vs. its competitors.
Cilfi as you might know is also focused towards serving SME and MSME segment of India and empowering them with Free HRMS mobile app which is a direct alternative of a biometric application.Biometric machines (finger touch enabled) which were so prevalent in pre Covid times are getting restricted or discarded in most of the organizations now and people are looking for an alternative which is not just a stop gap solution but serves a long-term purpose with contemporary features like location-based attendance, field staff attendance, authentication and cloud access.Cilfiis an ideal solution for organizationshaving employees ranging from 25 to 500 and who are looking to improve the HR and attendance related processes.
With this partnership, users of both Cilfi and Meracashier will be benefited as they will get best of both worlds and can easily manage to automate both their revenue and cost metrics. This partnership comes at a very important time, when both Cilfi and MeraCashier are Angel funded and are at the cusp of taking on the big-league players. MeraCashier andCilfi HR Management Appare perfectly poised to take advantage of highly untapped market. Few of the future revenue streams can come from financial products to unorganized sector employees, Add-on services to employees and employers, Category specific targeted ecommerce and SaaS based fees from employers.
MSMEs are recent focus to many startups and govt. bodies. Indian govt's MSME department has recently launched few good policies and digital exposure activities for the MSME segment, like Champion portal, inclusion of more organization in definition, collateral free loans etc. This will entice more and more MSMEs to start doing their work digitally and which makes both Cilfi and MeraCashier very well placed in getting the best out of this situation.
India is a land of SMEs and SME is known as a very important pillar of Indian economy and bothMeraCashier and Cilfi are dedicated towardshelping their userswin by utilizing the best in class technology. We hope this partnership is not only fruitful for these two organizations but will bring lot of values to MSME sector of India. Proudly Made in India and helping it to grow & reach its 5 trillion dream!