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The app is designed keeping in mind small and medium enterprises and their end customers in mind. However, it is a generic app that can practically be used by anyone who has given a service to their customers and wants to track the credit/Udhar/Udhar that he/she has given in the market. Be it a tuck shop owner or a wholesaler with multiple levels of dealers and retailers. Some examples of possible users are listed below-

  • Wholesalers (like grains, cloth, building materials etc)
  • Dealers
  • Retailers
  • Kiryana stores, general merchandize stores, provision stores
  • Tuck shop owners
  • Paan shops
  • Money lenders
  • Tuition teachers
  • Advantages of MeraCashier vs traditional registers

  • Manual effort reduced
  • Tracking is made very simple ensuring accurate information
  • Entire snapshot visible at a single click
  • Detailed entry for each customer visible
  • You can send reminders to all customers at a single click
  • All your transactions are 100% safe
  • Backup can be made available in case of unfortunate incidents like loss of phone
  • Environment friendly, you will be reducing your carbon footprint for sure

  • features

    Amazing Features

    Multiple Device Login

    User can log in with your registered phone and pin on multiple devices.

    Multiple Language

    App is supported in two languages – Hindi and English. Other languages are in pipeline.

    Scan & Record

    Extremely simple to use, user has to scan the vendor QR code and enter amount and the transaction is recorded!!!!

    100% Safe and Secure

    Password protected and cloud based technology to ensure user's data is safe and secure.

    Payment Reminders

    User can send reminders to their customers in case of a late payment.

    Account Statment

    Users can see individual account statement (ledger) as well as the consolidated accounts.


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    Business Development

    Sucharita Reddy


    Gaurav Tomar


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    Akhilesh Nigam


    Saurav Tomer

    Customer Experience

    Vaibhav Gupta

    Digital Marketing

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