Don't Cry Over Spilt Milk

The strong environmentalist in my wife doesn't let her buy milk in plastic pouches. Supposedly, 57% of the ″single layer plastic″ comes from just the dairy packages. This ends up in us getting our daily milk supplies from the local milkman. (who owns the milk-giving mammals whom we use as metaphors for illiterate people, rather than comparing their color with pencil lead, in short, buffaloes).
After the milkman delivers this vital tonic each day, which has been instrumental in all of us our growing up years in our lives, my wife records it in calendar. On the days, when we are not at home, she marks a big X there.
The petite fellow did not know that he cannot remember calculate the totalit better than my wife (atleast I think so). Other than an environmentalist, there is a strong streak of mathematics flowing in her blood too. Is it a monthly ritual at your home too? I guess so, rightly.
With technological advancement in logistics and information technology, in a lot of cities, traditional milkmen are getting replaced by so-called ′milk delivery startups′ who use technology to their advantage and are selling same milk heavily priced since the milk is certified hygienic, pure, and fresh. We did not believe the milkman when he said so orally, but we believe it if the same is ″marketed″ to us. We are willing to pay for that. And at the same time, when we haggle with milkman over price and credit, we don′t do that with milk delivery startups. We pre-pay them instead for the ′packages′
In many localities, traditional milkmen are doing the business the same way as they were doing 20 years ago. However, the startups are offering much more convenience of delivery, transaction recording, timing, freshness etc. The consumers are definitely not complaining, but the milkmen are crying over the spilt milk (read split milk market). In an age, when even milching technology has become so advanced, why should the milkmen not use the technology to upgrade themselves, instead of using 20 year old methods.
Why should females in my home, or your home or in the entire city need to haggle with them over the milk delivery transaction record? It is time when the traditional milkmen, and in fact all such small vendors, mom and pop stores must upgrade themselves using easy access to the technology. No, they don′t need a technology team, or a website, spend anything. They only need to be SMART.
In an age, when competition is high, they cannot complain about it. They need to give credit to consumers to compete with other vendors, shopkeepers and big companies like Grofers and Big basket who are delivering everything at home. While they do give credit, this whole credit system is based on trust. If it is not mutual trust, then it is one sided with the either party having to believe that the other one will be honest.
In times of technology, why do you need to take risk with your money, if you are not able to trust. To help with this biggest problem of Trust, there are a bunch of free business apps the milkmen can use.
The latest and the most advanced among them – Meracashier, is a free mobile app. While there may be more apps, but none of them compare with this in terms of features. The milkmen can use the app for all their following tasks. 1. Creating new customers by name, mobile number and address.
2. Or, Customer can add daily milk delivery, and milkman will get notification
3. If customer does not add, milkman can add daily milk deliveries on app for every customer. Both parties will get SMS, and app notification
4. Reminding customers of daily transactions
5. Reminding customers of payment due weekly or monthly
6. Reminding self of limit crossed for a customer
7. Filtering non-paying customers
8. Calculating total amount due

It is time that the technology should be used not just to create big companies that are efficient at replacing the small vendors, but also to empower the small vendors to make their operations smoother, better, efficient, friendly and more attractive for their customers. MeraCashier aims to do exactly that.